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The QuoteEngine is a IRC quote database script for eggdrop which interfaces with mySQL to store the quotes. It supports multiple channels and easy-to-manage permissions. It also has a web interface for browsing the quotes.

Use !quotehelp in a channel the script is active in to get help.

Please note: A previous version of this script was vulerable to SQL injection (oops) and it should now be all fixed; however as a best practice you should ALWAYS run Internet-facing applications in their own database and only give their user permissions for that database.

Download: QuoteEngine 1.2.0

Bugs, development version etc: Trac


For installation instructions please see the README file.

These instructions assume you’ve got it installed and working.

Basic commands

Adds the amusing quote to the database. The bot replies with the quote ID if it was successful.
!getquote ID
Fetches the quote from the database, and says who added it, when and on which channel.
Fetches a single random quote from the database for the channel.
Add --all to pick a random quote from any channel.

More advanced

!findquote TEXT
Searches the database for quotes containing TEXT. Results are returned in random order. By default only 5 are given in the channel.
Add --all to search all channels, otherwise results just come from the channel the command is issued in.
Gives you the URL where you can browse quotes online (if available).
!delquote ID
Deletes quote ID from the database. You can only delete if you’re the person who added it, or if you’re a bot/channel master in eggdrop.
Gives the version of the script.
Spews a load of help text to you in a query.


    • Jorixine
    • Posted May 6, 2011 at 11:41
    • Permalink

    Is this script still maintained ?

  1. Yeah, I would really like to see an update for the QE web page. I’ve done a few mods to it as you could see in my link. But there were some things I haven’t been able to figure out with preg_match and preg_replace.

  2. Thanks for the note! The webpage for the QE is indeed in need of some Best Practices; I keep meaning to fix it properly but never seem to get round to it…

    • Hibia
    • Posted January 4, 2009 at 08:51
    • Permalink

    Thanks a lot for your script! I’m already making good use of it, and just to note on kbc’s note.

    $channel = $_GET[‘channel’]; $filter = $_GET[‘filter’];

    Need to be added to the first block of php code for filtering to work too.

    Also, make sure your php settings allow for <? to be taken as <?php, that is a requirement in this script.

    • silicon
    • Posted November 25, 2008 at 06:56
    • Permalink

    Your script is awesome, I hope you will continue it’s development or at least support.

    • kbc
    • Posted February 24, 2008 at 20:57
    • Permalink

    Hi, i’ve your tcl here on my system, i use it, but i found a bug or somthing like, when i’m try to change the channel over the php script, that i can see every other qoute from the other chans, it woun’t work – so to get the php script to work i’ve to add $channel = $_GET[‘channel’]; to index.php and it works fine sorry about my bad english …

    have a nice day kbc ;)

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