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Deja Do is a repeating todo list: create template lists of what you need to take on holiday, remember to pack every morning before leaving the house, or copy to your backup disk. Then simply tick the items off a copy of the template as you go, and delete it when you’re done. Every time you need to complete that task, create a new list from the template. If you remember something you forgot, add to to the template ready for next time.

Get it

Deja Do is available on the App Store.

How to use

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a template. You create a list from a template when you need to check things off it.

Creating a template

First, open Deja Do and go to the Templates tab.
Click on the + button top right to create a new template. (If you want to edit an existing template, tap its name in the list.) In the new template screen, enter a name for this template. We’re going to make a list to ensure we don’t accidentally forget to eat any of our breakfast.
After creating a template, you’re automatically taken to it. Tap the + on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to add an item. Enter the name of the item and tap Done to add it to the template.
What if you have many items to add at once? Tap the + button in the toolbar again, but this time tap the Add many at the top of the screen to select it. Now when you tap Add at the top (or Done on the keyboard) the item you’ve entered is added and you can immediately add another. When you’ve added all the items you want to, tap Finished.
You can mark items as Optional which means they don’t have to be checked off for the list to be considered complete. To make an item optional, turn off the Required slider while adding it. (I don’t really care for tomatoes.)
Hooray! Our template is ready to be used as a list. Tap the Templates button in the top left to return to the list of templates, and then tap the Lists item at the bottom of the screen.

Now that you have a template you can create a list from it. Then you can check the items off from the list as you complete them. Once the list is finished with, you can delete it ready to create a new copy from the template next time. (You can have multiple lists based on the same template active at once.)

Creating and using a list

Tab the + to create a new list. On the new list screen, tap the template you want to base the list on. If you haven’t entered a name yet, a name is suggested for you based on the template. If you want to supply your own name, enter it before selecting the template, or edit the provided one afterwards. Tap Done to create the list.
The list is created. Tap it to view and check off the items.
Tap items to mark them as done. If your list contains any optional items, the list is considered “mostly” complete once all the required items are done.
Once all the items (required and optional) are checked off, the list is complete. Well done, you ate breakfast!
If you would like Deja Do to remind you about your list (for example, if you’re making a list of things to pack and need to remember to check the list in the morning before you leave), you can schedule an alarm for it.

On the list screen, tap the clock icon on the toolbar at the bottom.

Use the picker control to choose when you would like the remind to be displayed and tap Save. If a reminder has already been set, you can change or cancel it from this screen. If you complete a list which has a reminder scheduled, you will be asked if you would like to cancel the reminder automatically.

Hints and tips

  • Tap the Edit button on the Lists, list items, Templates and template items views to move items into a different order. Once you have activated Edit mode, tap and hold on the triple-line icon on the right hand end of a row, then drag it to its new position. To delete a row, tap the red icon at the left. You cannot delete list items.
  • List items take their display order from the template when you create the list. If you move items in the template around the new order will be used next time you create a list from it.
  • Quickly delete lists, templates or template items by swiping left-to-right across the row.


Please email james at jamesoff dot net for support, stating “Deja Do” somewhere in the subject line.