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To get tarsnap working under cygwin, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Install the following packages using the cygwin setup tool:
    • gcc4
    • make
    • openssl (needed for runtime, not for building)
    • openssl-devel
    • zlib-devel
  2. Download and extract the tarsnap code.
  3. Run ./configure (this seems to be much slower on cygwin than on other more UNIXy platforms)
  4. Run make all install clean

Tarsnap should now be installed and you can use it in the normal fashion – create a host key with tarsnap-keygen and then get backing up!

Edit 2009-12-16: checkers from #tarsnap on EFnet has written a post with scripts for Linux and Cygwin tarsnapping at

You may also wish at add --prefix=/ to the configure command line, as /usr/local isn’t in the default path.