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O2 apparently recycled my phone number too quickly after its previous owner relinquished it, so ever since I’ve had it (a bit under a year now) I’ve been receiving phone calls and SMSes for “Debbie.” Generally I just explain that it’s not her phone any more and would they please go away. I felt sorry for the guy who had put a lot of effort into preparing a happy birthday MMS for her complete with attached birthday cake clip-art.

Last night as a birthday present for me, I got this message from a random number: (reproduced here exactly as it was received)

Sos 4 delay, yes we’d luv 2 come 4 sun lunch. Wot time? Hopn ur al wel,hav bin recoverin from an arse op!Very painful!Wil fil u in wen i c u.X

So I exercised enormous restraint and ignoring the bait replied “Think you’ve got the wrong number :)” to which I recevied:

Is that not u debbie?Txt was from nicola x

Nope, sorry. Hope the arse gets better though.